Stories of God's deliverance

"But you shall pass before your brethren, armed...and help them." Joshua 1:14

     Yvonne and Christ the King Ministries has been pivotal in speaking the word of God into my life.
     God flowed thru her to speak life into the places of my life that were dead or dormant and encouraged me to be the woman God has called me to be. As I went thru the weekend praying, having fellowship, learning about the Holy Spirit and getting straight to the heart, I felt God breaking strongholds of fear, anxiety, inadequacy and past hurts. There was no judgement only love, unconditional.
     I had debilitating anxiety and fear that would shut me down at any point in the day. When I decided to take what I thought would be a small step towards God, He flung the doors wide open and unpacked my closet calling me out of the box I had lived in for years. Thru the process, He squashed my anxiety, fear and the lies I had been believing. He brought healing and joy, vision and motivation.

     I now see and hear Him in everything and everywhere and I am constantly surrendering to Him so I can be the woman that He has called me to be...Brave and Bold.

     Having been a Christian all my life has been such a real joy. But there was a time when I had no joy and got off the right track into a life full of sex sins and drugs. No, not really hard drugs but drugs just the same.

     I relocated to a new state and had the opportunity to meet Yvonne and share my struggle with her.  She prayed with me and for me and now I have been struggle free in that area.

     Just having someone to join in faith with, to believe with me for deliverance without condemning me of this very humanistic part of my life, made all the difference and change in my life.

     I thank God for deliverance, salvation, and Yvonne!